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Dec 4, 2018

In today’s solocast, I am filling you in on all the transitions, downloads and blessings that are surfacing as I embark on a soul sabbatical. This episode will teach you how to say no to everything that is out of alignment and encourage you to dive deep into your internal reality in order to experience more trust, fulfillment, purpose  and magic.

Here’s what I dive into:

*Life updates, why I am creating space, and what’s been arising as I align with the Divine

*Why we need to silence the ego and throw out all expectations during cosmic growth

*Learning to say no and why that is a crucial part of upleveling your creation game

*What to do when absolutely nothing is coming through during your meditations and prayers (don’t worry babe, an epic download is cooking up ;))

*The NEW paradigm of manifestation (with tips on how to master it for more abundance and fulfillment than ever before)

*Why forcing plans and direction in your business is a thing of the past (with advice on how to become a magnet for your success ;) )

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