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Oct 9, 2018

Join me and Nui Louise, former SSM grad, intuitive guide and spiritual mentor, for a conversation about getting unstuck, embodying your gifts and accessing your own magic through menstrual cycle awareness.

Here’s what we dive into:

-Nui’s personal healing journey, why it contributed to her staying STUCK, and how SSM sparked the fire to hop off the healing hamster wheel and take ACTION to build her business

-Why being GRATEFUL for the ego can be the most empowering thing you do

-Her epic story of RAPID manifestation in her business which drew her into working with the deeper elements of the menstrual cycle

-Steps on how to open up your INTUITIVE channel and how to balance your gifts with your human-ness

-The BEAUTY of PMS with tips on how to EMBRACE (not hide) this wild part of you

-The four parts of your cycle: what archetype they represent and how to heal those parts of you to unleash (not fight) the MAGIC that you possess

This episode is overflowing with the wisdom and steps you need to tap into your unique feminine rhythm for more intuitive downloads, inspired action and fulfilling success.

Head to NUILOUISE.COM to learn more about this divine lady and, if you want to create harmony within and without, head HERE and enter SEXYSOUL to get your discount.

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