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Sep 18, 2018

In this solocast, I’m dismantling hustle mentality and shedding insight on the never-ending chase for safety.


Here’s what I’m diving into:

-Why your “daily-grind” is based on the ego’s chase for an illusion of safety

-My personal series of weight-loss, romance and financial success pursuits and what I learned from this exhausting and destructive pattern

-Why we will NEVER actually feel safe on a human level (and how to be 100% okay with that)

-The three dimensions of safety you NEED to lock in (with the potent practices necessary to do so) to keep ego & fear wayyyy out of the picture

-The KEY feelings to watch out for in order to decipher the PULL of the soul vs. the CHASE of the human wound

-What chillin’ in the unknown looks like with tips on how to access that state for a sense of total freedom

This episode will make you rethink your health, relationship and business pursuits through revealing what your true motives are AND provide you with the tools you need to find safety on a spiritual level in order to completely surrender to your soul’s calling.

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