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Feb 27, 2018

I'm obsessed with this interview. If you've experienced any degree of sexual trauma or discomfort in your sensual body, you're going to love this convo with Rachael Maddox.
Rachael is a Trauma Resolution Educator, Coach, Guide, and author of 'Secret Bad Girl' and 'Sex After Trauma.' Her approach to healing is somatic, intuitive, physiological, and totally integrative.
A few things we jam on:
-How we can begin to somatically heal and reprogram our bodies to feel safe and loved after trauma
-Why role play is one of the most effective ways to experience deeper levels of intimacy and sexual expression
-How to begin a boundary setting practice with friends and romantic partners and test your body's response to saying yes and no
-Why getting super clear on your values for sexual relations with partners is essential for you to feel open to explore
-Why technology is traumatizing us and how to feel more connected to humans, nature, and life itself
....and more!
To learn more about Rachael, head HERE
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