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Nov 28, 2018

Today’s episode is devoted to the EGO: how to surrender to its destruction as a tool to open up to new realities & create alter egos as a way to play with the limitless opportunities of the universe. This episode will shift your perspective of the ego and have you welcoming challenges, growth portals & alternative versions of yourself with open arms.

Here’s what I dive into:

*How to opt OUT of ego empowerment and IN to soul expansion

*What ACTUALLY happens when you choose a higher vibration reality and how to stay aligned during the inevitable process of ego destruction

*A simple practice to identify everything that’s holding you back from creating your big vision (with tips on how to face those pesky blocks head on)

*Utilizing relationships as the ultimate (i.e. most triggering) teacher with steps on how to navigate them to experience the most liberating ego death of all

*Why honest, painful feedback (the kind that STINGS) is a true blessing and serves as a portal into a more expanded version of yourself

*How to use prayer to guide you through the scary parts of spiritual ascension in order to cross over to the bliss and clarity that’s waiting for you on the other side

*The alter ego and how to use it as a playful tool to explore and embody new dimensions of yourself

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