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Nov 21, 2018

In this episode, I’m breaking down five key pillars to ensure you have a holiday filled with fun, love AND soul-alignment. This episode will teach you how to use holiday triggers as a portal into self-mastery and allow you to let go and be love.

Here’s what I cover:

*Why the holidays are the olympics of personal growth and how to take advantage of this immense opportunity for self-awareness

*How to keep your self-care and energy management a TOP priority during the holidays (with advice how to make your “woo-woo” behaviors your new norm to your family)

*Why people-pleasing is doing a HUGE disservice to your family (with tips on how to be an embodiment of love around them)

*Booze, copious amounts of food, toxic people and how to face every single trigger from a place of grace, empowerment and (above all) unconditional love

*Your perspective and why it has EVERYTHING to do with the way your family is going to show up

*How to be shameless in creating new traditions and celebrating yourself during this time of year

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