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Nov 15, 2018

In today’s episode, I’m shining light on discipline, why it is THE missing component to your success and how to reprogram your association to it so you can remain devoted to your soul’s mission. This episode will alchemize the disenchantment you have towards discipline and allow you to embody your true greatness in both business and life.

Here’s what I’m exploring:

*The indestructible link between discipline and devotion and why it is THE essential ingredient to creating immense success in both your business and your life

*Why so many women are falling into the trap of the “sloppy feminine” and how to get out regardless of how deeply stuck you may be

*How to move through creative resistance like a BOSS and see desires come into fruition with more ease

*Three potent questions to ask yourself in order to radically change your relationship to discipline forever

*The connection between your childhood response to discipline and your current self-sabotage patterns

*How to use discipline as a gateway to your orgasmic bliss (metaphorically, of course 😉)

*A special activity for you to fall in love with discipline and build the body to hold unimaginable fulfillment in all aspects of your life

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