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Nov 13, 2018

In this personal solocast, I’m unveiling a big decision I’ve made in my business and all of the ego death that’s come with it.  This conversion will offer you guidance on how to trust the voice of your intuition over logic and move fear of the unknown with grace.

Here’s what I’m diving into:

*A behind the scenes view into my past year of navigating growth in my business, leadership, and spiritual path

*Why keeping busy can distract you from your Divine assignment (and how to re-align to your purpose)

*How to maintain spiritual integrity while operating a successful business

*The major download I received that bought both a sense of lightness AND fear (with insight on how I released the fear charge and moved into deeper commitment with my path)

*Why you often have to surrender your ego’s identities and expectations to stay in true alignment with your soul

*A major announcement that will give more women access to THE roadmap for radical personal transformation

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