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Oct 23, 2018

In today’s solocast, I am getting real about the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur, why you hate your business and the importance of play to keep yourself successful in ALL realms of your life.

Here’s what I’m getting heated on:

-The difference between REACTIVE and PROACTIVE alignment and why the method for alignment we’ve been taught to use is all sorts of wrong

-What it REALLY means when you hate your business and how to get back to LOVING it

-Why you should use anger/frustration as an invitation to PLAY and take things OFF your plate (time to stop overloading babe ;) )

-Why showing up when you are in your mess allows you to be a TRUE leader

-How to support the natural cycles (and, let’s be real, the DAILY changes) of being a women through your business model

-The REAL reason you aren’t feeling inspired and how to get back to a creative and magnetic state

This episode will have you re-thinking the way you approach your business and provide you with the tools to revamp your lifestyle to permit true FREEDOM and FULFILLMENT.

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