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Oct 16, 2018

In this solocast, I am waking you to up three areas of your life where you are giving your power away without even realizing it.

Here’s what I am digging up:

*Why the reason you lack confidence is DIRECTLY related to how much of your power you are giving away

*Several areas you are seeking approval without even realizing it, why it is DIMINISHING your power and how to end the never-ending chase for good

*How we are leaking our power with social media and why you need to risk being LIKED in order to truly LOVE yourself

*Why putting ALL your worth in your business is keeping you from true freedom

*Why your vices are ruling your life and how to get power over THEM (not the other way around)

*The BLAME game, how it validates your ego and why the only person it’s hurting is YOU

*How your inherent power makes you vibrationally UNSTOPPABLE

This episode will bring you a new AWARENESS to your own power-diminishing habits and how you can begin to shift them and reclaim your innate confidence and personal power.

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