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Oct 4, 2018

Join me and Nathaniel Solace, strategic advisor, coach and alchemist, for a conversation about breaking through NEW levels of leadership while staying grounded and connected to what’s truly important.

Here’s what we dive into:

-How to be successful WITHOUT sacrificing your truth, relationships, health or happiness

-Why CONTEXT is the new antidote for ending anxiety and depression

-The BS thoughts the brain creates and how to interpret them in order to feel more empowered than ever

-Nathaniel’s personal journey with trauma, what he learned and how he used gratitude as a way to re-write his story

-The NEW paradigm of leadership and why hustling and burnout is a thing of the past

-Why people REALLY fear success and how to overcome those limiting beliefs once and for all

This episode is filled with the insight high-achievers need in order to find more purpose and fulfillment in their lives.

Learn more about Nathaniel at HERE or IG and be sure to take his quiz AREYOUHIGHPERFORMANCE.COM

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