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Oct 2, 2018

In this solocast, I’m jamming on the new phase of alignment that has arised: empowering the masculine THROUGH the feminine.

This conversation isn’t about separating, delegating and evaluating WHAT we’re doing in these energies. It’s about HOW were doing LIFE integrating these two on a personal leadership level SO THAT we make a bigger impact and feel good while were doing it.

Here’s what I’m digging into:

-My personal journey this summer with wanting to PUSH to the next level and what it reaffirmed to me (hint: you can’t FORCE your soul’s growth)

-How to let go and trust in the feminine WITHOUT tossing all your obligations out the window

-Why staying too structured drags your vibration DOWN and how that affects your life, business and self-worth

-Why your feminine energy is actually your MAIN power source and how to channel it to empower your masculinity

-How to cut your actions down to 10% and get BETTER results (oh yeah... it’s possible 😉)

This episode will have you viewing your energies in a whole new light and provide you with the tools to live a soulfully feminine life with the strength to get sh*t done.

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