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Sep 20, 2018

Join me and Robin Lee, powerhouse influencer and teacher of the Divine Feminine, for an interview about embracing your feminine power in order to create a successful business and conscious wealth.

Here’s we what explore:

-The KEY elements that made Robin stand out and become rapidly successful as a spiritual leader

-How to create content that MAGNETIZES your ideal clients towards you (hint: it’s not about what you say, but where you source it from)

-Why the inner union of feminine and masculine energy is NECESSARY to avoid resistance (and the daily practices you need to find this balance)

-Robin’s definition of EXPANSION and why fun and generosity are a vital part of it

-The TRUTH about rewilding the feminine (and how you can get there without venturing deep into the wilderness)

-Her #1 tip on accelerating the arrival of your dreams (it’s not as complicated as you think ;) )

This is a MUST-LISTEN for female entrepreneurs wanting rise in their spiritual power as a woman and reclaim their identity as a creator of their wealth and success.

You can check out Robin on IG or on FB 

If you are as excited about her new book, Mermaid Magic as I am, head HERE to buy!

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