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Aug 7, 2018

Join me and Angie Lee, biz mentor & 7-figure organic marketing unicorn, for an EPIC interview about what it takes to stand out as a personal brand, build a tribe based on authenticity, and trust your intuition every step along your entrepreneurial path.
What we’re diving into into:
*Angie’s top two tips for amping up your confidence game in the online space
*How to embrace your playful side while positioning yourself as an authority figure
*The BIGGEST no-no’s preventing you from being a BOSS coach
*Free advice and how much is TOO much
*Her approach on sharing BOMB-ASS content that converts
*Why gut-checks are her ESSENTIAL method of biz guidance
*An exclusive announcement on her NEW direction as an entrepreneur
*An overview of CBD and why it will be part of your new daily routine
This interview is LOADED with insight & tips to get your online biz from BASIC to BADASS in no time ;)
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